What is the ave.?

The ave. is a community and a cause.  It's an avenue through which teens in the Fox Valley can unplug from the life and the spiritual warfare that surrounds them, and in a real way plug into God's Word.  God's Word is where everything in our life finds its motivation and is where everything in our life culminates.  Through dynamic speakers, peer study of God's Word, conversations, and time in prayer, praise, and reflection, we refocus our perspective at Christ's cross.  There the playing field is leveled.  At the cross there is no social status, there is no race, there is no clique, there is only the nothing that you bring to Jesus and the everything that he offers you.  It doesn't matter who you are.  Here, we are his. 

Unplug Plug in

Welcome to the ave.


Who is the ave.?

The ave. is high school aged students in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley who understand that there is more to life than #sweetkicks #basketballislife #whatsschool #codordie.  Whether they've found what fills that hole or the discontent with status quo is just beginning to surface, the students who check out the ave. are looking for more from life.  As a community, we are here to answer these questions together as we go to God's Word to challenge our worldview, find God's higher and nobler purpose, and let God define us in the single most important climax of global history: the cross of Christ.

The ave.'s leaders are pastors and youth leaders who are active in serving in their own WELS Fox Valley congregations.  They've come together around the cause of engaging youth with God's Word because it is their passion and God's given them the gifts and opportunities to do so.